Friday, 26 October 2012

The Reprobate Minds (2)

In the delight-some, fragrant Garden of Eden, GOD gave Adam (Mankind) his Eve "... bone of his bones and flesh of his flesh ...she was called Woman ... because she was brought out of Man". She was not just Perfect...but she was perfect for him! But in the Valley of Sodom (Destruction) the Devil gave mankind rebellion and blindness, hence he chose the smelly, nether way ... ummmm ... the way of "poopoo"! Why do men love to follow Lucifer who perverts all that GOD calls GOOD and Perfect? Why do men not reckon with GOD's Rod of Correction? Why must men burn in the Sulfurous Burning Flames of Hell for ever, where their worms die not and the fire is not quenched?

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