In the Pursuit of True Success & the Fulfilment of Divine Purpose, You Just Have to be a SOLUTION PROVIDER to make any headway! From the Beginning of Time, Solution Providers have Ruled the Earth in Various Fields of Human Endeavour - Sports & Entertainment, Socio-Cultural, Government & Politics, Agribusiness, Manufacturing, Business-Economics, Religion, Science/Engineering, Health/Medical Sciences, etc. The Creator Expressly Designed it to be so. Nothing Else Gives Him Pleasure Like an Innovator, Inventor, Initiator - Someone Who is Able to Take up the Gauntlet and Seize the Bull By the Horns - Achieving That Which Mediocres and Nay-Sayers Deem Difficult or Impossible. They are His True Offspring.

Nothing Displeases Him Like a Slacker, a Mediocre, a Shirker of Pending Responsibilities, a Coward, a Time-waster, a Slothful Person in Business - They do not Reflect His True Image & Likeness!


Be a Voracious Reader & Avid Listener; Spend Plenty Time with Mentors Who Have Achieved What You Would Love to Achieve; Think Seamless and Excellent Service First, with Profit Never Far from Your Sight; Know Your Strengths & Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats; Dream BIG; Have a Clear Vision; Leverage on Your Strengths & Opportunities, Continually Work on Your Weaknesses & Threats; Be Courageous; Be Wise; Be Ready to Take Calculated Risks; Always Plan Ahead, Never Be Caught Napping; Start Small; Know Your Clients/Customers Well & Be Faithful to Them; Have Strong Family Values; Develop a Loyal & Powerful Team & Be Loyal to Your Team; Network Widely & Powerfully; Know Your Competitors Thoroughly; Remain Focused, Failure does not Translate as the End - Just Another Way Not to Do Business; Be Diligent; Persevere; Be Timely; Be Consistent; Stoop to Conquer When Necessary; Be Open to Continuous Learning; Constantly Strategize and Restrategize; Be Prudent; Be Open to Criticism. Be an Erudite & Seasoned Professional (Be Businesslike), Respect Your Business & Treat It Like a Cherished Friend. Keep Accurate Records and Have a Perfect Understanding of What They Tell You About Your Business. Life Happens - Always be Prepared for the Inevitable and Never Give up! Successful People Are Persistent - They Do Not Usually Take No for an Answer!

Excellence is a Journey, Never a Destination, Hence, Total Quality Must Never Be Compromised; Remember that You are GOD's Ambassador in Your Business, Therefore, Ensure that All You Do is Perfect as GOD did with His own Creative Work.You Must Be Fervently Prayerful & Spiritual. Your Gut Instincts Are Very Important Indicators in Business - Better if the Spirit of GOD is the One Giving Those Gut Prods!

Do Not Rest On Your Oars, Once You Feel You've Arrived! This Has Been the Waterloo of Too Many Solution Providers Over the Ages! Start From the Beginning All Over Again!